What You Receive


    The Emergency Contact Data Service centers on our ability to provide / display a person’s single, Electronic Personal Health Record (ePHR) within 5 seconds anywhere in the world, 24/7 even if the Internet is not available and the patient is unconscious. Providing a person’s medical records this quickly at the exact time it matters is a remarkable feat that immediately optimizes medical decisions, treatments and outcomes and reduces healthcare expenses.

    We place multiple, medical-record, access collateral on the person, in the person’s vehicle and in the person’s home and on their mobile devices.

    Membership in Emergency Contact Data includes:

    • Secure, online access for entry of Personal Medical Record
    • Durable, plastic-coated, credit card size Photo ID
    • 3 Key Ring Tags
    • 2 windshield-window alert decals
    • 2 digital device alert decals
    • Free Mobile App for all of your Android and Apple devices
    • Printing or emailing all or a portion of the medical record
    • First Responder mobile and online access to medical record

    Medical Records Access Points Hub